Valerie Dimick Institute

Heal and learn from the comfort of your home

What can the Valerie Dimick Institute do for you?

VDI provides therapeutic home study programs created to be accessible and affordable for everyone. Access courses, seminars, group sessions, and live discussions from Valerie Dimick, all designed to provide healing and guidance to consistent peace, joy, and happiness.

Self-Paced & Virtual

Courses are designed for you to study on your own time from your computer or phone

Differentiated content

Access a variety of resources, including individual courses, live group sessions, and interactive seminars

Save Money

Get the benefits of traditional therapy at affordable prices


Find strength and unity through anonymous discussion with others


Programs created for specific audiences struggling with specific issues

“A quote from Luis or Valerie can go here about the Institute, its purpose, and how it has/can help people both in and out of therapy.”
Luis Martinez, LSW-MCSW

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