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Hey everyone! Welcome to the Valerie Dimick blog! You can find information and the occasional (hopefully frequent) insights from Valerie and her team. Since it’s a blog, it will be much less formal! We want it that way. We want our readers to feel like they are part of a conversation and easily access information for upcoming events.  

As part of the online initiative, Valerie Dimick will be offering a “many on one” style group for those who complete the Mind Mastery online course. This group offering is to gather seekers of truth, like yourself, to meet with Valerie and get in depth with Mind Mastery. Group participants can expect to ask questions, have discussions with other group members, and hear feedback from Valerie.  

Participants are required to have completed the Mind Mastery Course prior to attending the group. Group participants are expected to come with the knowledge foundation, ready to ask questions, and gain insight on how Mind Mastery personally touches them.  

To sign up for the Mind Mastery seminar, or to sign up for a day to join the Many on One group (MonO), please email Theresa at or call/text 702-340-4969. Please visit our Institute for more information.

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